Tuesday 15 May 2012


A Peter Pan collar is a flat, round-cornered clothing collar.
It is named after the collar of the costume worn in 1905 by
actress Maude Adams in her role as Peter Pan.
Since then, it has become a women's fashion item several times, and is particularly associated with little girls' dresses. [from Wikipedia]

Do me a favor by not asking me how come peter pan's collar is not round. =) I think we could welcome a spunk in the way we see collars. Be it on a dress or blouse. So - joining the bandwagon? Read on to some tips.

* Collars, in general, has solid colors in it.
* Contrasting colors are highlighted when thinking of collar color + the rest of the dress.
* Since it's only collar we are styling, we can wear it with sleeveless, long sleeves etc.
* Notice this, models are not into bulk accessories when wearing the style.

Style inspirations? Help yourselves.

In Manila - Where to find some nice clothes with Peter Pan Collars?

What's exciting is most brands took part with this fashion saga too. You can spot this chick at Bayo, The Ramp, Plains & Prints, The Landmark, Tomato and oven online shops. Pair it with monochromatic colors since the piece speaks for itself. Go from colorful to earth tones. You'll never go wrong!

Lovin' the copper blouse above? I got this one from Bayo.
Remember they were on their Anniversary Sale? If not click HERE.
Carpe diem (Seize the moment) seems to be my mantra.
What else can I say but be a Tinkerbell yourself and fulfill your fashion wish for today.
Oh Peter! 

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