Monday 7 May 2012


Summer Time Everyone. Humidity and Heat is all around. 
But - instead of complaining about the weather and all, why not do something about it?
Good News! Ice Craze Malaysian Style is here. 
AIS KACANG (ICED KA-CHANG) is a must-try!

Accidentally, bumped into this "cool" thing during one Sunday lunch.
I ordered their flagship dessert (Ais Kacang) since I love Red Beans. Weird? I know. :)

Reasons to love?
- a filling merienda (their Regular serving is actually a lot).
- a cool, cool, cool in the mouth concoction.
- you can ask them to decrease the sugar to 50%.
- something new and definitely a MUST TRY.
- for less than Php 100.00 (Regulars), go treat yourself and beat the heat!

Though I haven't tried the other two, I am convinced they are equally yummy. Feast your eyes on these heavenly desserts.

Can you see the milk, thin ice and mongo (red beans?)

Now you ask... where to find the Chicken Rice Shop??

I personally tried these goodies at Harbour Square and Robinson's Manila branch. Though, I should say this: Servings are much more presentable and the toppings are better at Harbour Square. Good Job Guys!

You can't text with this thing in front of you!

Ais Blenda + Ais Cendol = Worth Trying too.

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  1. This looks so yummy! And that's a big serving!!


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