Saturday 14 April 2012


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There was a promo before at dealspot about the same LASIK treatment that I got last March 2012 (click here). But, as you have noticed, the promo has been sold out!  For those of you who are still interested...  feel free to let me know by:

1. sending a tweet or direct message via twitter @callmekristine; or
2. you can also opt to leave a comment on this blog post

Be sure to include any  of your contact details where I can reach you.

I am {still} thankful for the experience because, to sum it all up, there's only one word to describe this: LIBERATING!

Imagine, waking up in the morning not groping for your glasses or contact lenses. Seeing the beauty of the underseas (think: fishes and corals under Boracay beach without the hassle of contact lenses), reading every signage as far as who knows who.

And I believe, one of the reasons why Shinagawa keeps on coming up with lots of promo is that they want to impart the gift of vision at a most affordable rate possible.

Why this comment / tweet thing?
To give you a preview, I have been given a chance to have 3 slots by which interested clients can avail of the 50% promo (at Shinagawa's sole discretion. Meaning, they can say Yes or No).

That easy! :) No promises. But let's see. 20/20 vision can just be clicks away!

PS: The only thing I want to emphasize is that I won't be taking away your money. No monetary transactions will happen between me and you. All transactions will be made at Shinagawa premises (Shinagawa Lasik & Aesthetic Center, The Enterprise Center, Makati). I am just a bearer of good news (the promo!). With that, I only want to be clear. I mean, perfectly clear.

POST PS: Please note that slots are still available, unless otherwise stated. -CMK.


  1. Hi!

    please provide me all the details. Until when is the promo?

    1. Hello,

      Promo will last as soon as the 3 slots are taken. No worries. Slot is still available. I will email you all the details shortly.

      Will send the details to Thanks for dropping by ;)

    2. Details have been sent to : :)

  2. Hi Kristine,I also had my intralase lasik eye surgery done at Shinagawa last January, I availed their 30% off promo. And now, my sister also wanted to have a 20/20 vision at the lower price. I wanted her also to feel the greatness that I felt when I first woke up and see things clearly. Hope to get the 50% off for my sister. Thank you :D

    1. Hello Jenn,

      Really?! Yup it feels really great to have our clear vision back. Sure - there's still an available slot.

      IMPORTANT: Please send me your email address so I can email you the details.

      Welcome Jenn ;) To your sister - 20/20 vision will just be days away! Keep in touch.

  3. hi kristine,
    Can you also send me the details please regarding the promo?? I really want to avail this promo. I hope I will the one of the three slots. Thank you for the good news.

    Here's my email address:

    1. Hello limepickles_14,

      I did send the details at e-mail address. No worries - a slot is still available. Feel free to reply to my mail the soonest. No worries.

      Thanks for dropping by :)

  4. Hi, is this still open? Please send me the details at Thanks!

  5. Hi,

    Yup slot is still available as of this writing. Sent entire details to your email address. :)

    You're welcome (*_*)

  6. hi, thanks for the quick reply on twitter! please send details to just have to ask, are in any way connected to shinagawa? will wait for your email. Thanks again!

    1. Hi DeeDee,

      Thanks for dropping by too! I've sent the complete details to You're welcome! :)

  7. hi, is this still available? Can you send the details to
    Thanks! :)

    1. Hello Kristine - sent the details to your mail. Will keep you posted! :)


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