Thursday 16 February 2012


After a nerve-wracking week, each of us needs a respite. Some find it in sports, chat, food. But one day, me and my friend chose to find a rest in a more literal sense - Massage. 

After eating our hearts out at Contis - we headed at Blue Water Day Spa for a 2-hour regimen of our favorite service... Traditional Filipino Massage. Package includes some few minutes of ventusa (process of putting a glass on your back part and shoulders to take away nodules aka lamig) then the rest will be dedicated entirely for a head to toe massage.

The Not-So-Good:
  • Noise. Not sure if it's just a coincidence but we can hear the laughing and bickering of the spa's personnel. Our massage room is just across their quarter so I suppose that's the reason.
  • Price. It's a little over compared to the regular spa around the city. 
The Good:
  • Ambiance. One step and you'll be guessing if you're in another dimension.
  • Location. Their Makati branch is just beside Mom & Tina's. Just a gander from Greenbelt 5.
  • Music. Worth complimenting since their music really induces us to relax and just drift.
  • In fairness, the masseuse will ask you if the pressure is just right or you want it modified. 
Verdict: Overall, I'll personally recommend this to my friends. For a relaxing, buzz-free, afternoon delight - am sure Blue Water Day Spa will be a haven for tired and weary bodies out there. -CMK. 


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