Monday 27 February 2012


5 Things I have learned about Pasinaya 2012:

A good new friend of mine has shown me Art Appreciation 101. It was very nice of her to invite me to Pasinaya Festival. Located at Cultural Center of the Philippines, it was indeed a feast to the senses. 

1. Art is 2012. It lives in the present. Yes, in 2012. Art doesn't belong to the 18th or 16th century. It is here. The place was crowded with youngsters and that may be a good sign that Art will be around from one era to the next.

2. Some profound things in life are free. Or relatively free. The festival only asked for a meager donation of Php 20.00 and that's it; you can see different genre be it painting, ballet, small play. And talk about class, Philippine Madrigal Singers and Ballet Philippines graced the event. They fondly call themselves "Alagad ng Sining" (Warrior of the Arts).

3. Having a known audience is irrelevant when you're doing what you want. Upon realizing this, my heart goes ouch. Not to mention that I am always peeping through the number of hits my blog has each day - this is an eye opener indeed. Being a sculptor is a much harder activity than blogging - but the former kept on making sculpture anyway.

4. There are still good people all around. When you see the ushers and artists which I am quite sure were not paid for their services, you can see a Passion in Action. Aside from the applause and smiles from their beloved audiences, I'm confident that they didn't ask for anything more.

5. Art exists. It is a way of life. That to us, it may just be a plywood exhibit but to the artists and other people, it depicts so much more. And as it is normal for us to breathe and eat, it should be a norm for us to appreciate colors, nature and movement all around us. And that my friend, is an art at its truest form. -CMK.

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