Wednesday 22 February 2012


"You don't always have to pretend to be strong,
there's no need to prove all the time that everything is going well,
You shouldn't be concerned about what other people are thinking,
cry if you need to,
it's good to cry out all your tears
(because only then will you be able to smile again).

Sometimes, on TV, I see tunnels and bridges being inaugurated. Usually, a lot of celebrities and local politicians stand in a line, in the centre of which is the minister or local governor. Then, a ribbon is cut, and when the people in charge of the project return on their desks, they find lots of letters expressing recognition and admiration.
The people who sweated and worked on the project, who wielded pickaxes and spades, who laboured all through the summer heat or endured the winter cold in order to finish the job, are never seen; those who did not work by the sweat of their brow always seem to come off the best.
I want to be someone capable of seeing their unseen faces, of seeing those who do not seek fame or glory, who already fulfill the role life has given them.
I want to be able to do this because the most important things, those that shape our existence, are precisely the ones that never show their faces."
- An excerpt from Meeting in the Dentsu Gallery, Like The Flowing River by Paulo Coelho

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