Tuesday 16 August 2011

Enjoying a Yogurt (Tutti Edition)

What's your flavor?
1. Choose your flavor.
Location : Tutti Frutti. SM.

Flavor varies per day. Selections that fine day were: Tutti Frutti, Taro, Death by Chocolate, Green Tea and Raspberry among others.

You can't go wrong with a Chocolate!
2. Ask Kuya for a Free Taste.
Attendants are nice enough to give you a lil white spoon so you can taste each flavor, if you like. Ahem. Just make sure you'll end up buying to avoid some bloopers. ;) I got to taste the Green Tea but that's too strong. Raspberry turned out to be sorta sour. Final verdict goes to Death by Chocolate and Taro.

Swirly-Swirl ;)
3. Swirl it baby.
If only I can fill my whole cup with these goodies. :p The yummy yogurt looks super cute as they land on my paper cup.

Tip: Should you want to taste a 2-flavor combination per set, it's best to swirl on the center part of the machine. Row 2 particularly.

Inversely, if you want a pure flavor, snap away Row 1 or Row 3.


5.89 ounce by 20 = Do the Math :p
4. Weight and Pay.
Since it's a yogurt, it's a bit pricey than other cold concoctions. You'll have to put that cup on their scale and multiply what you see by their Sales Price per Ounce.

Tip: Unless your addicted to gummy bears, I suggest you skip the toppings as they cost so much more when weighted. If you can't resist the urge, go for marshmallows and other lighter version of toppin's.

Life is like a cup of yogurt...
5. Enjoy till the last drop.
Life is like a cup of yogurt. You have the option to choose what you'll place inside it (♥). You can tell what things will taste like from a little spoon of perspective. When things go crazy, we can just swirl it away and enjoy. But keep in mind that at one point, we are compelled to weight each ounce of our acts.

Yummy with Mommy


  1. I tried this once! My fave is the almond & vanilla :)

  2. My first ever frozen yogurt experience was in O My Yogurt in MOA. Medyo noob pa po ako noon kaya go lang ng go. I picked vanilla as base, then raspberry syrup, then gummy bears, then chocolate chips then fresh cherry. haha! And I was surprised when Im about to pay the bill. So hindi na po ako naglalagay ng gummy bears ngayon. :)


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