Friday 30 December 2011

New Space for the New Year

New life. New Year. New is an "in" word these days. In a manner of speaking - old should be gone to make a space for new ones. Whatever that may be. But here's my point, you need to let go of some stuffs and make way for new ones. Tangible things I mean.

1. Magazines. You'll probably say that you need such and such for references but hey, if you'll only be honest. 2010 issues. On your mag rack. Seriously?

2. Make-Up. One year rule. It's either that or you'll risk having some skin allergies.

3. Unused Clothes. I am also one of those nostalgic peeps who like to keep my shirt since grade school. Yet, Mom is right, you have to look beyond your selfish agenda and put some smile on other people's face. Specially to the one who needs it the most.

4. Girly Stuffs. Lotion, body wash, feminine wash if you dare. Point is - you'll go shopping this 2012 right? So you might as well give it to someone who can use it pronto!

5. Old Books. I'm talking of your college History books. Or any other books whom you can depart with for the good of the academe world. To us, that may just be old pile of papers and glue, but this means so much to the less fortunate ones. -CMK


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