Tuesday 27 December 2011

2012 Belle de Jour Planner

Thinking of chugging 20+ coffee cups just to get a planner? 
If you're sold that it's worth it - go indulge.
Yet, if you're having 2nd thoughts (I can see light bulbs on top of your head) - you may want to be wallet-friendly (and may I add, diet-friendly) this year.
Bella, meet BDJ Planner. It is a one-stop shop treasure. Here's why... 

1. Overall package.  
Okay there's a pink and black theme but it is sophisticated enough to tag along in your business meetings or other agenda. They have 2 variants - ring-bound and this one.

2. Writing ease.  If you are not-a-fan of lined and uber structured planner, this one's your best bet. Sure it has thin fine lines but they are kinda-invisible. Scribble-friendly I should say.

3. Discount Coupons Alert!  Basically, the benefit of all the discounts embedded on this planner outweighs BDJ's cost (SRP is less than Php 600.00). CBTL, The Ramp, Ace Water Spa, The Spa, etc. It's raining freebies! 

4. Useful Articles.  Tidbits about fashion, relationships, travel and career add an unusual kick to BDJ. It's age appropriate for career women, in general.

5. Happy me.  I don't know - but getting my share of BDJ Planner makes me happy. :) Maybe because it makes planning more exciting. Especially, if you're like me, whose not really into planning. 

You can visit their website by clicking this Belle de Jour link. Happy Scribbling! -CMK


  1. Hi fellow bella! I saw you post at the BDJ Facebook page. and yeah, I totally agree to all of the 5! :) the BDJ planner is love, right? See you at the events. It was my first year of being a bella so I look forward to meeting new friends. :)

    Riza of Between the Lines

    1. Hi Riza. Thanks for dropping by! Yup - I sure hope to see you soon! Hugs! :)

  2. BDJ planner is always on my list. So girly and got a lot of freebies. But I end up buying a Filed Doodle Planner this year. I draw po kasi Miss K :) Ang cute din :) And sana po pala this mid of the year ako bumili para sale ko siya napurchase. -_-


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