Saturday 5 November 2011

9 Fast Facts about Prague

1. Most cars here are manual (not automatic). 
2. Prague follows the 24-hour clock convention (example - 13:00 means 1:00 pm).
3. Close friends generally greet each other by kissing cheek to cheek (right then left).
4. Drinking water are more expensive than beers.
5. You can buy an all-day pass to their public transportation (At the price of 110.00 cz koruna, you can ride their metro, bus, trams within 24 hours).
6. Czechs love to read (it's quite common to see locals reading books, gazettes, etc.)
7. After eating @ Mc Donalds (fastfoods, cafeterias), you need to put left overs on your tray and place them @ a designated area.
8. "Ano" means Yes. "Ne" means No. "Yo" means Yeah.
9. This one's cool. I just recently knew about this so pardon me. Czechoslovakia is no longer existing. In 1993, it has been mutually divided to 2 republics. Czech Republic and Slovak Republic. -Now that's food for thought! ;) -CMK



  1. Bakit kaya po mas mahal ang drinking water kesa sa beer? Mahirap magpurify? hehe. chos lang po Miss K :)

  2. Naloka ako sa more expensive ang water! Hahaah! Grabe! Nice trivia!


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