Friday 16 September 2011

Nailaholics Escapade

I am a bit stressed that day due to some requirements that I need to accomplish. I first went to David's Salon but found out that I am #4. Tried at Going Straight, same response. I wanted to put a new color to these chapped nails of mine so I went straight to Nailaholics. I had a bit of idea that the price here is much higher than the former 2 salons but since I felt so dilapidated (haha!), I gave in and pampered myself.

I was greeted by a nice lady and shared me some of their services. I availed their Water Drift Spa Pedicure (say what? - Foot Spa + Pedicure).  Alas! Found a soft cute green couch and placed my bag beside me (and I kept telling myself to mind my documents or I will die, whew!). While making myself comfortable ate gave me 2 big pillows and asked me to stretch my legs on the ottoman.

Next thing I knew was I grabbed some magazines and started browsing. Plus stole a quick stolen shot of their cool homey place. It was morning that time so I got to enjoy the off-peak season service (translated: you're extra special since Ates are not busy this time of day).

After few minutes, Ate came back with this white basin and hot water. Foot Soak! My favorite part of the spa. My request was for her not to be hard on my feet since I don't want some bruises. She smiled and granted my wish. It was a struggle not to burst laughing because of the tickling stroke  of her pumice and other tools. After the spa, she rubbed my legs and foot some rock salt and rinsed. Poured some lavish lotion and had a massage then she proceeded with the usual pedicure. 

Finally, a bashful of colors were presented. Having been known for my sticky feature, I opted to choose Red once more. Like usual shops, they have a plus 20 charge for imported nail polish but I picked their regular ones (which I noticed was imported too, but no, I'm not analyzing). Service took 45 mins all in all.
Verdict : Not bad for a less than Php 500 value. It's not everyday that you get to be treated like a queen so why not loosen up a bit? I noticed that it's time to go home and prepare myself for work.
While packing my things and about to go, a thought hit me  - it was so nice of Jesus to allow me to feel loved and pampered. Either on things that cannot be touched like love-all-around or tangible ones like this experience that's super relaxing. :) -CMK

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