Thursday 7 July 2011

Random Thoughts:

1. I am lovin' blogger.

2. Detective Conan is back on local tv.

3. I just finished Paulo Coelho's "Like the flowing River".

4. Having this blog is like a breeze of fresh air apart from my job.

5. Music on the backgound : I need you now "and i wonder if i ever cross your mind, for me it happens all the time."

Romantic? Yes, but after much ado - it's more like a loser's song. Cynical eh?

Five Random things but there's so much more to come from my twisted and fermented-by-experiences mind. For now, I should go back to work. Which i soo love. No joke! Will do write more on this whenever I can. For now. I am way beyond happy knowing I can change my font, color and size in blogger. Kudos to people behind blogger. Good job! -CMK

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